Trouble with Google Analytics

June 20, 2007

Specifically my trouble is with goals. While we at my real job are busy implementing I’ve been busy practicing these “So What” adventures using GA with one of my own sites for an event I have coming soon (in my spare time I swing dance, teaching and event planning). Little by little I’ve been learning the ropes, though I haven’t made any attempt at optimization yet, for the moment I’m just studying what means what and the implications.The trouble is that I’ve established a couple of goals in GA, and while I know the goals have been reached on multiple occasions I cannot, for the life of me, using any URL format, get GA to report any conversions even though the page that supposedly indicates a conversion event appears within the content reports. I’ve gone over the documentation, tried numerous formats, and still can’t get any conversions to appear. 


3 Responses to “Trouble with Google Analytics”

  1. Wendi Says:

    Hey There. Did you setup the Conversion Goals in GA yet? It is in your settings part of GA. When you log into GA instead of hitting View Reports click “Edit” under settings and then midway down there is a space for 4 conversion goals. Click “Edit” next to the goal you want to assign, set your URL, and set any funnels for the conversion (if any) and then save.
    If you have already done this, you may want to check the page that is considered the goal page and make sure your page code is there. Is your goal page in your domain? If it’s an outbound link you might have to do a little more coding before you can track it by assigning an outbound link ticker. Or if it’s a download, same thing. You need to do one more step in tracking the download… GA help section has good documentation on how to do this.
    Hope this was helpful.
    Cheers! Wendi

  2. spectaprod Says:

    I have set up the goals. (well one only goal, but I’ve created 2 with different URLs trying to make it work).

    The page is in my domain.

    The page is tagged (and has been viewed, that is showing up).

    I only need for the page to be viewed to record the conversion (it’s a confirmation page).

    I still get nothing though… ugh

    But thanks for trying 🙂

  3. spectaprod Says:

    ok… so my rookie-ness is now revealed. I didn’t ever see that I needed to pu a \ before a . or it would break.

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