Correlating KPImportance

June 27, 2007

Brent and I sat down with Site Catalyst today to begin building what we want for our traffic correlations. We made a critical error that I only see now looking back over our meeting, we didn’t bring with us our KPI’s nail them to wall in front of us.

In the moment it just seemed like maybe the heat (the air conditioning is out on our floor and as I type this it is a balmy 85 degrees in the office – but it’s getting fixed tomorrow) was making the thinking harder as we asked questions of each other about what do we really care about correlating and what’s important and what we may be over looking.

But now with a cool glass of water and a bit over an hour gone by I can see so clearly how much more easily that process would have gone had we had our KPI’s right there, not just to reference, but to build directly from. Rookie mistake?


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