The Next Adventure – Omniture Site Catalyst Excel Client

February 27, 2009

We (Tony, my boss, and another colleague of mine) returned from Omniture Summit last week all aglow with excitement from things we learned, ideas we plan to pursue, etc. I still have remnants of that excited tingle as I cruise back over my notes.

The absolute biggest take away for me is the use of the Excel Client and the power that gives me to combine web analysis with other business intelligence data (for various reasons we aren’t currently utilizing the API to load off line data into Site Catalyst). I had played with the Excel Client previously but I never built any actual reports using it. This week I jumped headlong into it and I have three immediate thoughts:

  1. I really miss the report builder that was in SC 13, the interface in the Excel Client is similar and building complex reports is so much quicker than is v14
  2. Oh I wish there was an Excel Client for Discover (there isn’t, is there?)
  3. Can I get just a refresh button that anyone can use without having to give them an account as an Excel Client licensed user?

I’ve been practicing by building a report/dashboard for a specific campaign we’re running about Dave’s advice to keep investing despite the current economic turmoil. Specifically the campaign funnels visitors to a page with a video, a download, a newsletter signup, and progression to a lead form. The current measures (this still a work in progress) tracked are:

  • page visits
  • visits from the various entry points
  • video start and completions
  • downloads
  • newsletter signups
  • lead form starts and completions from this particular page

…and then all the various ways of conversion ratios etc.

I haven’t yet segmented any of the data yet, by say entry point or visit number (despite spending much time on Occam’s Razor this week). But the reason is a good one – I swear, I’m exploring Visualizations and how to represent the data compellingly. Unfortunately I haven’t had a big breakthrough yet, but I am digging through Instant Cognition veraciously. It could be the case that my breakthrough won’t happen until I’ve segmented my data.


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