SiteCatalyst FAIL! ;-)

March 10, 2009

They should have saved this for April 1. I was trying to compare February 08 data to February 09 data. Everything was going along swimmingly until the calendar is Omniture Ste Catalyst failed, big time. I have tried and tried to recreate it so I can let Client Care know how I achieved this spectacular bug, but to no avail. I cannot replicate the magic combination of clicks that freaked the calendar out.

Site Catalyst Calendar Fail

Site Catalyst Calendar Fail


Actually not really… But quite the coincidence if you ask me.  I post yesterday about Ben Gaines and Omniture’s customer care strategy for Twitter, and Today Eric Peterson comes out with an interview on his blog.

I recently jumped on Twitter after all all the hubub surrounding it at Omniture Summit.  I’ve been tweeting my poor phones battery dead, some of it has been questions about Omniture (specifically around Site Catalyst). And now I’m all a twitter with OmnitureCare.

I don’t know if it’s always Ben Gaines, but “he” (or “they”, and if ” they” probably sometimes “she”) has been incredibly helpful. Responses have been faster than I can check back, and engage my situation.

Major “Well Done” to Omniture for recognizing and and utilizing the customer care capacity (at least to my extent) of Twitter.