Specifically my trouble is with goals. While we at my real job are busy implementing I’ve been busy practicing these “So What” adventures using GA with one of my own sites for an event I have coming soon (in my spare time I swing dance, teaching and event planning). Little by little I’ve been learning the ropes, though I haven’t made any attempt at optimization yet, for the moment I’m just studying what means what and the implications.The trouble is that I’ve established a couple of goals in GA, and while I know the goals have been reached on multiple occasions I cannot, for the life of me, using any URL format, get GA to report any conversions even though the page that supposedly indicates a conversion event appears within the content reports. I’ve gone over the documentation, tried numerous formats, and still can’t get any conversions to appear. 


We have had GA implemented for some time now, though yesterday was the first day I ever looked at the reports for our company (though I have been trying to use it for a personal site for a couple weeks). Maybe it’s the result of Omniture University training, maybe it’s my lack of experience period, maybe it’s the tool itself, but it doesn’t feel like I can actually find much in GA. There are lots of reports yes, but I’m having a terrible time trying to figure out how to really drill into the data and segment by anything meaningful to me.Of course my frustration assumes that what I think is meaningful really is (remember my lack of experience). So maybe my frustration is really just further evidence of what I have to learn.I’ve read in lots of places that GA can be used quite effectively. Maybe I’m naive to assume that I should be able to use it effectively within just a few hours of practice, but what are people finding with GA and how are they actually finding it?