WAW Nashville

July 18, 2007

The first Web Analytics Wednesday in Nashville (in a while at least) will be August 8 at Logan’s Roadhouse in Cool Spring (15 minutes south of Nashville on I-65) at 12:45pm. We’re going to locate ourselves in a back corner of the patio (past the bar area), ask the host for the Web folks, and hopefully I’ll have gotten a copy of the big red book to display by then.

Breaking from the WAW norm, this will be over lunch (which is why you won’t find this on the WAW event list – because Eric specifically asks “Please do not ask to schedule events for other days or times.” It will be at lunch this time (against regulations) because that was recommended to me by a couple of other individuals for our first time out of the gate (and Wednesday evenings in the Buckle of the Bible Belt are a tough sell). So we’ll try lunch and then hopefully move to the officially sanctioned time of 6-8pm.

Expected in attendance are Dave Ramsey (that’d be me and Brent) and one, maybe more from Magazines.com. Hopefully someone from Nissan will get wind, we’re going to try twisting arms at Gibson, and I hear that Genesco just implemented (or are in process) a major analytics vendor.

Any questions? Post a comment.

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June 25, 2007

I’ve joined the Web Analytics Yahoo group and I’m really digging it. Lots of nuggest of useful ideas come across my email daily. Some I can use soon, some are just discussion ideas I’ll have to think about in the future.

There is consistent reference to Web Analytics Wednesdays in various cities. It seems to me that a bunch of web analysis go out for drinks and what-not after work on a given Wednesday (some seem to meet for lunch) and talk trade. So who are the analysts in Nashville I can meet and learn from?